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300 yard shuttle
suggested: once a week
Can be run in different lengths but a good benchmark, generally speaking, is one minute or less. Rest period is 2 minutes. Aim for 3 total.
1. Restraining Line and back 5 times (30yds x 10 total lengths = 300yds)
2. 25yd line and back 6 times (25yds x 12 total lengths = 300yds)
3. 50yd line and back 3 times (50yds x 6 total lengths = 300yds).
Cooper Test
suggested: once every other week
Similar to a timed mile but a little longer. Set the clock for 12 minutes and see how many laps you can complete. If on your track, 4 laps is a mile, a good barometer here is 7 laps or more.
Timed Mile
suggested: once a week
A great workout that can be a good indicator of where you are. Push yourself each week and see if you can shave off a few seconds each time you run it!
Stickwork Routines
Lacrosse Wall Ball Routine
1. 50 one cradle right hand; 50 one cradle left hand
2. 50 catch left throw right; 50 catch right, throw left
3. 50 receive off hand (stick in right hand but receiving off left shoulder), throw right; 50 receive off hand (stick in left hand but receiving off right shoulder), throw left
4. 50 receive strong side, throw off hand right; 50 receive strong side, throw off hand left
5. 100 quick stick right hand; 100 quick stick left hand
6. 100 alternating quick stick (catch right, throw right and next ball catch left, throw left)
7. 50 one hand right; 50 one hand left
8. 25 behind the back
9. 25 around the world
10. 50 more of one cradle with non-dominant hand
Strength Training
Med Ball Tempo
1 round of 10 reps for each exercise. These exercises can be done with a medicine ball or just your body weight.
1. Squat to light toss
2. Squat to slam
3. Push Ups
4. Lunge (R and L) with press out (10 each leg)
5. Lunge (R and L) with press up (10 each leg)
6. Side Lunge (R and L) (10 each leg)
7. Squat to diagonal press (squat and take med ball to right foot, as come up from squat ball comes to chest and up diagonal to left with arms extended overhead. Do 10 each side.)
8. Side toss to wall (stand with hip facing wall and toss ball against wall so it comes back to you. Do 10 each side.)
9. Squat jump
10. Squat to overhead circle (squat down and ball in between feet. As you come up ball comes in circle overhead and squat back down to starting position. Do 10 each side.)
Mental Training
What are you doing to stay engaged in each practice and competition?
Good Support
What are you doing each day to show your teammates support?
What are 3 things that you did well today?
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