The Truth about Recruiting
As former collegiate coaches, we believe, along with our colleagues, that the best avenue to get recruited is through quality time and exposure in front of college coaches. We define quality as engagement with coaches in a small group setting where enrollment is limited, coach to player and player to coach interactions are direct and plentiful, players are encouraged to take risks, confidence is built, and relationships are formed. It is an environment where coaches provide immediate, relevant, and accurate feedback to players. We believe that this dynamic is favorable for both recruiting and player development.
Statistics show that only 10.5% of all high school field hockey players go on to play at the Division I, II, or III level.

Our SweetStx performance development model, in combination with our event format, were designed to assist and help meet the development and recruiting needs of the prospective student-athletes during the recruiting process.

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In addition to our unique event format, we also believe in providing the perfect forum for players to develop their hockey intelligence, decision making, and critical thinking skills. To learn more about our SweetStx High Performance Model and Unparalleled Player Experience, visit the links below.
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