High Performance Development
At SweetStx, we believe there are three crucial elements that contribute to the success of high performing athletes: technical training, tactical instruction, and intelligence building. This essential skill set is absolutely critical during competition and is a highly sought after recruiting attribute.
Development model
These elements are complimentary in nature and build upon each other in a continual cycle.
Technical training, the development of proper technique, can be viewed as the foundation of our model and is an imperative building block for future success, while Tactical Instruction and Intelligence Building are considered cognitive components of the game.

Unfortunately, these three elements are often left underdeveloped and untrained, preventing athlete's from truly reaching their full potential.

Why is tECHNICAL AND cognitive development important?
Many players easily develop the physical elements of the game, but have more difficulty developing the cognitive components of performance. Today's best collegiate coaches understand the importance of solid technical skill, tactical awareness and execution, and prioritize recruiting players with the ability to make sound, independent
on-the-field decisions.
The ability to move one's body, stick, and ball to perform a task that needs to be accomplished.

Athletes learn proper technique and what continued training is necessary for future success.

Example: Ball handling, elimination skills, passing, hitting, receiving, etc.
The ability to apply and execute the correct technical skill.

Athletes learn to identify and interpret situational cues, evaluate what is needed and select the appropriate options given the circumstances.

Example: Up, down, and even number situations, set-plays, and corners.
The ability to apply both technical and tactical skills.

Athletes rapidly process information to make sound, independent on the field decisions.

Example: The use of game stipulations and rules designed for athletes apply these learned strategies and skills.
How does this help you?
At SweetStx, our unique event format is tailored to meet the recruiting needs of prospective student-athletes while providing the perfect forum for players to develop their hockey intelligence, decision making, and critical thinking skills. It's a win-win!
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In addition to providing the perfect forum for players to develop their hockey intelligence, decision making, and critical thinking skills, we believe in providing a unique event format to our players. To learn more about our Unparalleled Experience and to learn more about The Truth About Recruiting, visit the links below.
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