Chalk Talk
We encourage coaches to give meaningful and actionable feedback to players in real time play and during our unique chalk talk sessions.
William and Mary - Vision is Crucial to Decision Making!
William and Mary - Things done too slowly are boring!
Georgetown University - You must TRACK the ball to move a defender.
Columbia University - "It's like Cat and Mouse Game"
Chalk Talk - University of Delaware
Chalk Talk - Hofstra and Swarthmore
Chalk Talk - Rutgers and Richmond
Chalk Talk - LaSalle and Lehigh
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Stick Work Series
Welcome to our Stick Work Series! Each video will introduce a stick work skill that you can practice using 8-10 cones placed 12 inches apart and in a straight line or as described in the video. Have a great time challenging your hands!
Small Touches
Little Lifts Over
Pull Right and Pull Left
Pull Through
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GK Instruction Video
Kicking with the Left Foot
Lateral Footwork
Lateral Footwork with Vision Exercise
Lateral Footwork with an on angle approach
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Picture Gallery
Take a look at what our SweetStx athletes have been up to!
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