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SweetStx is a one day event structured with instructional drills and rotating game play that promote the development of hockey intelligence. This essential skill set will set you apart from other players and will take your game to the next level.
Camp Format and Size
Our instructional drills are uniquely designed by each camps' college coaching staff and focus on skills/concepts that will enhance your overall performance. You'll also play in a series of small-sided games that include predetermined selected set of rules and stipulations. These games allow coaches and players to engage in active coaching and promote the development of hockey intelligence.

Our limited enrollment and low coach to player ratio allows coaches the ability to truly provide you with constructive and meaningful feedback!

Recruiting at SweetStx
SweetStx is intentionally tailored to maximize your exposure; to give you quality exposure whereas other camps and events merely give the allusion of exposing players to coaches.

All SweetStx camps will be coached by NCAA collegiate coaches, each of whom is directly involved in their schools recruiting decision making.

Our limited enrollment and low coach to player ratio provide an unparalleled recruiting advantage for athletes.

Emphasis on Hockey IQ
SweetStx promotes the development of "hockey intelligence" through a set of game stipulations specifically designed to simulate the most important situations that occur on the field.

Hockey intelligence is an ability to rapidly process information, apply rules and strategies, and make sound independent on-field decisions.The development of hockey intelligence is critical during competition and a highly sought after attribute.
Player Evaluations
New this year! While our game structure allows coaches to provide meaningful and real-time actionable feedback to every player during camp, we understand the need for written feedback as a tool for developing afterward. Click here to learn more!

Why SweetStx?
Low Player to Coach Ratio
At SweetStx, we have gone against the trend of enrolling hundreds of athletes at a single camp. Our limited enrollment and low coach to player ratio provide an unparalleled recruiting advantage for athletes.
Increased Player Visibility
We specialize in player visibility through quality exposure. Our format allows athletes to spend quality time in front of coaches who are dedicated to providing player's constructive and meaningful feedback throughout game play.
Build Relationships with Coaches
Our camp provides players the opportunity to get to know the personalities and coaching styles of our coaching staff. We believe that the key to developing relationships start in small group settings.
Raise Your Hockey IQ
Our game stipulations allow players to practice problem solving skills, anticipate developing plays, value possession, and practice quick, effective decision making on the field.

Gloucester Township Community Park - Sicklerville, NJ
Saturday, August 3, 2019


See what COACHES are saying about SweetStx
I'm stealing your game stipulations. My college team could have benefited this year from practicing these concepts; particularly, your stipulation on how to spread the field.
SweetStx is a gem of a camp for both athlete's and coaches. Too often players receive "unstructured" game play at larger "recruiting camps." At SweetStx I'm able to truly evaluate a player, interact with them, and provide them the instruction and feedback they deserve.
In one day I was able to spend more time with each player than I would have over several days at other camps/clinics. Excellent use of my time.
Amazing camp to recruit at! I loved the format and concept. While technical skills are important, players must learn to solve the problems of small-sided games as they develop their skill level, not afterwards. Coaching players in live games like the ones at SweetStx is an important step towards helping coaches recruit talent.
From a recruiting perspective, I love that this camp is devoted to developing the skills needed to succeed at the next level. It provides me with insight into which players can adapt their range of techniques to solve novel tactical problems. In short, technical skill can only get you so far. I'm recruiting athletes who can "think" on the field.
I loved that I was able to remember every player by the end of camp. The low coach to player ratio was great for recruiting and really getting to know the players.
See what players and parents are saying about SweetStx
Thank you so much for an excellent, differentiated program. The facilities were outstanding and my daughter had access to engaged, high-quality coaches. My daughter really liked the focus on the mental aspect of the game, whereby the coaches created activities to recreate game-like situations, forced the girls to make decisions, and then provided immediate feedback. She's been playing for eight years but she said that she really learned a lot. Thank you! We will definitely recommend SweetStx to our friends.
I just wanted to say that Saturday was such a fantastic experience! The whole day was so well-orchestrated, and the coaching and drills were really the best she's ever experienced. I realize that most girls were there to meet college coaches and get exposure, but I wanted to let you know that I thought it was such an incredible developmental experience as well! I will definitely spread the word.
I really enjoyed the format. The fact that we all got such individualized attention was amazing. And the coaches were all excellent at giving us feedback on the sidelines. I was impressed with how quickly they learned everyone's name. I had been to another "showcase" in the winter but with so many players there it was really hard to even try to make a connection. This really was a great experience.
It was such a fun experience and I can't wait to do it again next summer. I believe it helped me so much with getting to know the coaches to some schools I am interested in. I got a very good feel for the coaching styles and am so excited to see more coaches next year!
I really enjoyed playing at SweetStx NJ, and had an awesome experience! I felt that the different games were very helpful, and saw how each concept affect our play by the end - my team really started to spread the field and look for options. it was also great to work with different coaches, and was a good opportunity for recruiting to have multiple schools that I'm interested in be able to see me play at one time.
Caroline loved your camp. We drove a couple hours after and I thought for sure she would sleep the entire way. Nope, she was so excited about the day they we chatted the whole time. I thought Caroline got a tremendous amount of coaching for the price.
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