Frequently Asked Questions

What is SweetStx?

SweetStx is designed to provide players with unfettered and uninterrupted access to top academic institutions with top lacrosse programs in each camp's geographic region. With events offered in multiple cities with different coaching staff, SweetStx provides the highest quality and most reliable exposure opportunities available today.

Who can register for a SweetStx event?

Whether you are just beginning, are in the middle of, or have completed the recruiting process, SweetStx camps are for every athlete at every stage of the game. We will develop, showcase, and strengthen your game intelligence, technical skills, and tactical knowledge.

Lacrosse - Intelligence & Performance Development

October through May: Current 9th -12th graders
August: Rising 8th-12th graders

Lacrosse - Small Group Instructional Training

Open to 7th-12th graders
Grouped: 7th/8th graders, 9/10th graders, and 11/12th graders

What options for food refuel are given throughout the day (e.g. food provided, bring own food for lunch break, mini breaks throughout, etc.)?

Intelligence & Performance Development

Players are responsible for bringing their own lunch and snacks to camp. Players are encouraged to refuel as needed throughout the day. And there will be time to refuel before and after games, skill sessions, and during feedback sessions.

Small Group Instructional Training

Players are responsible for bringing their snacks to camp and can refuel as needed throughout the day.

What is meant by different rules and stipulations?

In addition to the instructional portion of camp, players will also participate in small-sided rotating game play. Each game includes a predetermined selected set of rules or a stipulation that promote the development of game intelligence. Imagine playing 5v5 or 7v7 with an interesting twist. These rules and stipulations provide coaches to way to truly evaluate each player's, skill, decision making, execution speed, game awareness, drive and lacrosse intelligence, thus allowing every coach to provide meaningful and actionable feedback to every player.

Are positions, age and/or skill level considered when forming I.Q. teams?

Positions, age, and skill level will be evenly distributed when forming teams.
Please bring an open mind to camp as players may be asked to play a position (other than goalkeepers) other than one they are accustomed to playing; it is up to each coaches discretion to move field players through positions. It's essential that players learn and develop both attack and defensive skills. Defense starts with forward players and offense starts with backfield players. The more versatile the player, the more recruitable they become.

is your cancellation policy?

At SweetStx, we purposely keep our enrollment low and limited in order to provide quality instruction and exposure opportunities to players who want to enhance their skill and play at the higher level. Since our registration is already limited and to be fair to all participates who might like to register, we will provide a full refund less a $100.00 processing and cancellation fee up until the earlier of a) thirty (30) days prior to the date of camp or b) the date that the camp fills up and is no longer accepting registrations. We will not issue credits for future camps.

What is your inclement weather policy?

We will hold camp rain or shine. There will be no refund or credit in the event of inclement weather. In registering online, parent or guardian agrees to waive any claims to a refund.

Do these fill up quickly?

Yes. Sessions have been filling up quicker than expected.

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