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let the games begin...
Women's college lacrosse is underway with games starting up this weekend across all divisions. We are fortunate to have access to so many teams and so many games through live streaming options and this gives younger players a chance to see the game at the next level! Video and film is a great way to learn and grow your game. It offers you the chance to see a different pace, perhaps a new style, the chance to see replays in slow motion (varies by provider) and to see tactically and technically how teams execute.

We've broken it out by the different areas on the field so you know what to look for. Check out below for some tips and takeaways as you watch your favorite teams in action this season!

Generally, how does the offense work together to score goals?

Dodger (person with the ball): what does she do to get a shot off. How does she attack her defender? Is she trying to sprint past her, is she using a face dodge, roll dodge, other dodge?

Adjacents (1 pass away): are these players standing? Moving? What do they do when the dodger moves toward them? What do they do when the dodger moves away from them?

Through Attacker (2 or more passes away): how is this person helping the play? Are they maintaining space? Do they recognize slides and move into space?

Inside Attacker (inside 8m): often someone who is C-cutting and looking for a quick inside pass from the dodger. Is there always a person in this position? How do they move their feet? How do they finish opportunities?


Generally, what are the man or zone principles a particular team uses?

On ball defender: how are her feet positioned? Is she forcing the attacker to one side of the field? To a particular hand? Where are her hands on her stick?

The "1" (defender who is 1 pass away): lots of different terminology out there for this position. Where is this player positioned relative to the 8m? Is she outside the 8m? Inside it?

Crease defender: how is her body positioned on the crease? Do they pressure the ball behind or stay at GLE? If more than 1 crease defender down there, do they follow their girl or stay on a side as attackers move behind?

The "2" (defender who is 2 passes away): how are they positioned relative to the 8m? Are they sagged in closer to the middle of the 8 or pulled out towards their girl? When and how is this person prepared to slide?

Defenders on cutters: how do they play a cutter? Do they force them in a certain direction or to a certain hand? Where is their stick?

One of the toughest positions on the field so how does a goalie get stops?

Feet: on the save, does the goalie step towards the ball? Parallel? Does the goalie play a high arc or shallow? What does her position look like on a crease roll versus a dodge from up top?

Hands: where are her hands placed and how does she hold her stick? We often talk about driving the top hand to the ball. Can you see that as you watch goalies at the next level?

8 meters: how does she position herself relative to the shooter? Does she do anything to bait the attacker?

Clears: where are her hands on her stick? Does she get her elbows away from her body on the clear? Is she looking for a short, quick outlet or a deep, long ball to a middie?

How does a team gain possession at the draw circle?

Draw Specialist: how are her feet lined up for the draw? Where are her hands placed and how are they placed on her stick? What is her first movement as soon as the whistle blows?

Circle Players: where do they line up around the circle? Is there noticeable communication between draw specialist and circle players? Does it appear the circle players know where the ball is going? When the ball is in the air, how do they go up for it? When it is on the ground, how do they come up with it?
January 12, 2020
Preseason Preparation
New Year, New Season. Will you be ready?
As 2020 begins and winter is upon us, it is time to start preparing for our spring season!
Yes, that's right, lacrosse is a "spring" sport but for many areas of the country, that means tryouts and preseason starting in mid to late February or early March. With that in mind, now is the time to amp up your preseason preparation. What are you doing to put yourself in the best position to perform?
Train with a purpose
Training with a purpose is one of the best things you can do this offseason. A purpose means you have put thought into your workout, you have a plan, it is focused towards your goals and it geared towards lacrosse conditioning and game play.
Go hard in every step and every rep and know that fitness and conditioning is a crucial aspect of the game!
Check out SweetStx Resources for some training ideas and workouts.
Carve out time each training session to focus on stickwork
An athlete who is fundamentally sound and comfortable with their stick has a huge advantage over others. No matter your level, doing wall ball 4-5 times a week increases your reps and therefore, your confidence. Hitting the wall for 15-20 minutes before or after each workout is a simple way to grow your game, work both hands and feel good about your ability to execute come tryouts. Check out SweetStx Resources for some training ideas and wall ball routines.
Set goals to hold yourself accountable
What do you want to achieve or be able to do by the time tryouts start? Do you have a run test you need to be prepared to crush? Is your goal to make Varsity or just make the team? Whatever your goals are, put thought into them, keep them simple, measurable and realistic.
-Keeping them simple minimizes the anxiety around your goals.
-Making sure they are measurable allows you to track how you are doing. Remember, you are looking for progress over the span of several weeks.
-Keeping your goals realistic helps set achieveable outcomes and allows you to hit your targets!
Commit to your training and take action
Perhaps the most important step in preparing for preseason is a commitment to taking action. You have a purpose with your workouts, you have set goals, now get after it! Commit to it, go out and do it and take it one day at a time. You will feel so much better after completing your workouts knowing you've stuck with your training, you've achieved many of your goals and you've done the best you can to prepare. Know your hard work and dedication to prepare is putting you in the best position for you to be successful. Now, go get it!
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