About Carly
For the past 15 years, I have worked with high school, club and college coaches around the country, co-creating and organizing some of the best and most well-known large scale field hockey development camps. I've also coached at all three NCAA divisions and was a full scholarship athlete at a division 1 program.

Over this time, I have become quite familiar with the frustrations of players and parents about field hockey development and the NCAA field hockey recruiting process in general. For players, many events (tournaments, showcases, etc.) feel disorganized, full of fluff and a lot of standing around or playing without instruction/feedback. While recruiting events feel like playing lottery, always wondering whether you've been seen, by whom, did they like you, what's next? For parents, its wondering whether hard earned money and hard to come by time is being well spent to provide their daughter with the best opportunities to improve her game and advance her collegiate field hockey future.

And Coaches have frustrations as well. Always debating which event to attend, maneuvering red tape to finance attendance, while worrying whether the events they do attend will actually provide them with any real, meaningful evaluation opportunities to bring back with them.

We created SweetStx to alleviate these frustrations and provide players, parents and coaches with the highest quality and most reliable development/recruiting product on the market.
About Meg
I have played and coached at the NCAA DI level for over a decade and am currently coaching at an independent school that competes in one of the strongest conferences for girls high school lacrosse in the country.

In my experience, the same questions continued to come up from coaches and players alike. Coaches were wondering where were the opportunities to meet student-athletes in a smaller setting, to actually coach them, to learn more about them and to see players in action in drills replicating live game situations. Players and parents were consistently asking about ways to have more meaningful time in front of college coaches. In learning more about SweetStx and the vision and mission for the organization, I knew this was something that the lacrosse world needs and would be beneficial on so many levels. The big tournaments and massive camps serve a purpose but in terms of getting to know coaches, spending quality time in front of them and learning from some of the game's best and brightest, SweetStx offers an unparalleled setting.

Players who come to SweetStx events are aspiring to play at the next level. They have a desire to improve their game, take in constructive and positive feedback, to learn new skills, to become a more complete athlete and they get to train with athletes of a similar mindset and mentality. Coaches who work our camps know they are getting in front of these types of players, teaching them skills and tactics they expect of their athletes and they get a chance to expand the game. All of this creates an awesome environment for learning, developing and growing as athletes and lacrosse players.

We created SweetStx to create more meaningful and purposeful player and coach interactions. We believe in providing players, parents and coaches with the highest quality and most reliable development/recruiting product on the market.
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