Our Mission
At SweetStx, we believe in hard work, the greatness in each player and a little bit of luck.


Learn. Play. Be Remembered.
Enhance foundational skills and sport IQ
Create an atmosphere where players feel comfortable taking risks, stretching their limits and trying new skills
Provide opportunities for meaningful college recruitment

We believe that a small player to coach ratio promotes an advancement in skills and knowledge, enhances a player's next level ability and creates opportunities for players and coaches to work together. We recognize the competitiveness of the recruiting process and know the advantage a more intimate setting provides.
As former collegiate coaches, we noticed, along with many of our colleagues, that there are too few recruiting events that provide high quality exposure and meaningful connections between coach and player.

Since quality is often lost in these quantity type events, we created SweetStx in effort to provide players and coaches with what they really need in the recruiting process: a small, intimate setting where athletes spend worthwhile time in front of coaches who are dedicated to providing constructive and meaningful feedback.
SweetStx provides players, parents, and coaches with the highest quality and most reliable development and recruiting product on the market! Our programs were created and designed for the aspiring collegiate athlete.

SweetStx founder and creator, Carly Levine, is a former Division I athlete playing at the University of Delaware. She brings a wealth of coaching experience to SweetStx including time at all NCAA levels, high school and club field hockey. I started SweetStx with the goal of helping aspiring hockey players get to the next level. In addition to getting in front of coaches, I believe there is a need for more fundamental teaching and stronger relationship building between player and coach. We create an environment at our camps where the players are interacting with NCAA coaches and have an opportunity to learn from and build relationships with a handful of coaches at each venue.

Meg Miller is a former Division I athlete playing collegiately at Duke University. She handles the lacrosse side of SweetStx and brings over a decade of coaching experience at the collegiate level. I partnered with SweetStx to bring the same meaningful and intentional opportunities to aspiring lacrosse players. The format and atmosphere at SweetStx events are awesome and there are so many advantages for both the players and coaches in how the camps are structured. I am excited to get the SweetStx lacrosse programs up and running!
Unparalled Recruiting Advantage
At SweetStx, we have gone against the trend of enrolling hundreds of athletes at a single camp. Our limited enrollment and low coach to player ratio provide an unparalleled recruiting advantage for athletes. Coach to player attention, coaching time, and touches on the ball are at a maximum!
Fundamental Edge
Our camps are designed with a focus on fundamental skills that allow players to tactically and technically take their game to the next level! Often overlooked and underdeveloped, these basic skills are critical to players' ability to process situations faster, execute at a higher level and make decisions at a quicker rate.
NCAA Coaching Staff & Curriculum
All SweetStx camps are coached by NCAA collegiate coaches, each of whom are directly involved in their schools recruiting decision making. In addition, our camp curriculum is designed in conjunction with college coaches and focus on allowing players to practice problem solving skills, anticipate developing plays, valuing possession, and making quick, effective decisions on the field.
Meaningful & Actionable Feedback
Our format directly engages players and coaches through active teaching and game play. Athletes spend quality time in front of coaches who are dedicated to providing player's constructive, meaningful, and actionable feedback during real time game play. We want our athletes to learn, play, and ultimately, be remembered.
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